There’s a critical moment, or opportunity, that takes place when a consumer first unboxes a product and is on-boarded to a brand. It usually comes within 48 hours of the purchase (or delivery) and it can be memorable or not so much. If you could capture this moment, on the customer’s mobile phone, with 40% of the people that purchased the product, what would you say to them?

Most CMO’s want them to have that memorable experience and to be able to know how to use the product. While that’s true, this moment also provides the key to establishing a long term connection with the very customers that have invested in your brand.

  • Are you capturing their product info and contact details for relevant marketing follow up?
  • Are they able to protect their product with an extended warranty or service plan?
  • How about offer them specific subscriptions, refillable products or accessories?
  • In 30, 60, 90 days – are they in your database to ask for a verified review? (Your retail network loves these!)

If you’d like to learn more about how we’re integrating voice commands into the product buyer onboarding process, please reach out here.