When it comes to the first impression with a consumer product buyer, brands are figuring out that rolling out the red carpet not only reaps immediate benefits but establishes long term relationships with their best buying segment. In fact, customers that register products are actually more satisfied and spend 2.5X more money with the brand in the long term. Additionally, when offers are presented at the point of registration (POR), attachment rates increase from about 2-3% to 4-5%, a big revenue opportunity for brands that shouldn’t be passed on. Photoregister via text, Messenger, Line and WeChat continues to outperform traditional channels of product registration. Registria’s platform also provides a built in functionality for brands to further monetize the customer journey through accessory, service plan and consumable sales. If you’d like to learn more about how your brand can capture revenue in a new channel while increasing the amount of consumers you’re connecting with, please reach out here.