The 2018 International Home + Housewares Show kicks off on Saturday, March 10 and runs through Tuesday, March 13.  A massive and exhilarating experience, this International Houseware’s Association (IHA) event features more than 2,200 exhibitors in addition to keynotes, expos and educational events.

We’re eager to learn about the retail trends and consumer insights shared by IHA’s Tom Mirabile. Home Furnishing News (HFN) will share their “The Housewares Consumer Speaks” research and host a panel of experts. There will also be a panel discussion on the “smart” kitchen of the future, moderated by Mike Wolf, creator of the Smart Kitchen Summit.

Each of these keynotes resonates with what we do at Registria. Working with our partner brands—such as KitchenAid, Cuisinart, Groupe SEB, and many more—we help them understand and take advantage of trends and consumer preferences to identify and better engage with their customers. Smart home devices, of course, are poised to be a lasting trend, and are proving to be a customer preference. They also offer another point of engagement between brands and customers.

The retail product challenge

Many housewares brands reach buyers via retail channels, and thus are several steps removed from their customers. Yet connecting with customers and creating a “sticky” relationship is paramount for continued success. Whether it be a new product offering, sales of accessories or consumables, or positive ratings and reviews, brands must continue to actively engage their customers—but they can’t do that if they don’t know who their customers are.

Registria helps brands identify more buyers and grow their customer database. Using a simple, welcoming onboarding process on the customer’s device of choice (text, chat, voice or even phone), buyers can easily register their new products and opt-in to future communications from the brand.

During this registration process, brands not only offer a point of meaningful engagement, they gain a cache of customer-supplied data. There is also a real opportunity to realize significant additional revenue as buyers are most likely to be excited and enthusiastic about the product. Data shows that the point of registration is when upsells and cross-sells like warranties, protection plans, and accessories have the most impact.

Want to learn more?

Given the number of vendors and visitors (62,000+), the IHA divides the exhibition into “show-within-a-show expos.” We’ll be visiting the Dine and Décor expo, featuring home and kitchen products, the Wired and Well expo, with electrics and home healthcare, and of course the Smart Home Pavilion to see what’s new and upcoming.

If you are attending the show and would like to know more about how Registria connects brands to the people who buy them, you can schedule a time to meet with one of our team members. We hope to see you soon!