Turning Customer Journey into a Profit Center for Global Brands

The last day of CES finds us grateful for the tremendous conversations with executives from around the world. Let’s focus this final post on what we have learned from all of you!

First, building direct relationships with your customers is a real priority. Many organizations have built teams dedicated to the post-purchase customer experience, frequently with a dedicated P&L containing growth and profit objectives.

Second, you love what voice applications are bringing to the customer experience. However, nearly everyone has expressed concern about how to holistically manage the design and delivery of that experience around the globe, while maintaining consistency in customer interactions across other engagement points. In short, brands don’t want voice applications to turn into a disconnected point solution with a high cost of maintenance.

We hear you loud and clear!

Customer onboarding has quickly become a new point of sale that fuels the top line growth of direct-to-consumer business units. When we look at the results achieved by brands that start their post-purchase customer journey on Registria, we see an average return of $3 to $10 per product sold. On average, a brand selling 10 million products will create $50 million in incremental value from their investment in customer onboarding.

Much of that value is in creating a new direct sales channel for products and services, such as extended service plans, subscriptions to content or consumable replacements, and accessory sales. We are also seeing customer’s make repeat purchases, creating an average of $50 per registered owner in additional product sales.

Regarding concerns over managing voice applications, we’ve got you covered there, too. Registria already supports global solution delivery without the complexity typically associated with global, by managing programs from one central point of control. Our track record of connecting our onboarding services to the applications preferred by consumers around the globe like text, Line, WeChat and FB Messenger, has given us the knowledge and experience to make connecting to digital assistants like Alexa simple and powerful for your brand.

Turning the customer journey into a profit center with global reach and scale is an objective shared by many of you. We leave CES as excited as you to deliver on this objective for your brand.

Give us a ring and let’s get started!

Chris McDonald | Registria | CEO