Tapping the Power of Voice Applications in your Customer Journey

Announcing an exciting addition to Registria services – the ability to extend your customer onboarding to voice applications. Now your customer can simply ask “Alexa, register my product,” and they are guided through your registration and onboarding process with Registria’s Voice Assistants.

Speak to Register uses the same services and database that power Photoregister on text and messaging applications like FB Messenger, Line and WeChat. With a registration code provided on the product, registration is convenient, fast and accurate because our database already contains key information such as the model and serial number. Customers simply need to provide their personal information to complete the process.

Chat and text are proven channels and are here to stay, but with an estimated 1.6 billion voice-driven digital assistants hitting the market this year, voice applications are another very powerful point of engagement with the consumer. When paired with attributes about your product and customer data — and the ability to access the services and business rules already in your Registria account — brands can quickly and easily extend the reach of their customer onboarding programs to deliver an interactive first experience. 

Our friends at Philips had some toys for us to play with today. #CES2018

It’s fitting that we’re making this announcement from CES this week where (good and bad) voice enabled customer experiences are on display. Voice will be a mainstay in the ownership experience. We’re delighted to be the first to bring this technology to the customer onboarding event.

If you’d like to get to know your customers and offer them a remarkable onboarding experience with your brand, get in touch.

Tomorrow we’ll look at the point of sale opportunity you’re missing out on if you’re not onboarding your customers.

One more day to go at CES! Let’s hope the lights stay on!

Chris McDonald | Registria | CEO