2018 Customer Journey Innovations – Live Consumer Electronics 

Registria debuts Voice and Chat-based services enabling product brands to connect with their customers on mobile messaging applications, digital assistants, and smart products.   

Together, we have turned the mobile phone into the method preferred by consumers to connect with the brands they buy – to register products, access support, and purchase service plans and accessories. Photoregister has won three innovation awards and consumers know when they see the signature camera icon featured on one of the nearly one billion products, a great onboarding experience is ahead.

Ready for the encore? 2018 features three innovations we have specifically crafted in collaboration with many of the world’s leading product brands to take your customer’s journey to a higher, more interactive, secure, and profitable level.

  • Speak to Register – The same Registria services that power Photoregister now enable the same customer onboarding experience over a digital assistant like Alexa or Google Home. Your customer simply asks: “Alexa, register my product” and Registria delivers a voice-enabled experience featuring the same AI agent that delivers personalized chat-based experiences on Facebook Messenger, Line, and WeChat. Check back here tomorrow for more details on Day 3, Live from CES.
  • Revenue-as-a-Service – Building on the success of turning customer onboarding into a new point of sale for Extended Service Plans, Registria now supports direct sales for merchandise, subscriptions, and affiliate partner sales to offer your customers more value – and turning a remarkable customer journey into a profit center for your brand. Stay tuned for more details on Day 4, Live from CES.

    Ben Lockett, VP of Sales, at Harman!

  • Global Services – Our brand partners asked us to deliver the same great customer experience for their new owners around the globe — and we’ve delivered. Services are already live in the European Union, and much of Asia, with China and India set for release early in 2018. Brands are able to manage the way they connect with product owners around the world, using each consumer’s preferred communication methods, and all from one powerfully simple platform.

We believe manufacturers should know their customers. Whether a brand sells direct, through retailers or via indirect channels, connecting with the end customer creates great value. We believe consumers want to interact with the makers of the brands they buy. Their expectations are greater than ever—with loyalty, advocacy and repeat purchases at stake.

Together, we have proven there is real value to be created in doing right by your customer.

We’ll be sharing more live from CES, so stay tuned!

And, if you’re at CES and would like to meet, let us know.

On to day two!

Chris McDonald | Registria | CEO