Denver, CO – The holiday season is ramping up, and if this year follows predictions, most browsing and shopping will be done online. As your brand prepares for the rush, have you taken the time to evaluate your ratings and reviews program?

Over 55 percent of shoppers use product ratings and reviews to guide their purchasing decisions, according to a 2017 Bazaarvoice survey, and almost half also say they won’t purchase a product that doesn’t have review and/or rating information readily available.

At Registria, we’ve been talking ratings and reviews strategy with our resident expert Matt Parsons, Executive Vice President. He has some intuitive ideas on how to boost valuable consumer-generated content this holiday season.

Here’s just some of his advice. (Download the Tips and Tricks e-Book for more.)

Q: First things first. What makes you a ratings and reviews expert?

MP: I’ve spent a decade working with ratings and reviews providers at an executive level – I was the former Chief Customer Officer at PowerReviews and the former VP of Client Success at Bazaarvoice, both industry-leading user-generated content companies. I also have experience with smaller upstart ratings and reviews providers, as well.

Q: So, where should brands start – to boost reviews and ratings this holiday season?

MP:You can begin by powering the ratings and reviews system already in place. Focus on optimizing your current program so you can make the most of resources you’re already spending marketing budget on.  One fundamental goal, I would say, is to continue evolving an efficient and effective program. It’s one thing to have a review provider, but it’s another to create an exceptional program that optimizes reviews you’re generating from your customers.

Q: So, what does that optimization look like?

MP: It can look like a lot of things – there are many directions to go. One way might be to look into your platform’s functionality and see if you’re using the tools offered to their full advantage. Another way is to use your product registration to leverage more ratings and reviews.

I talk about both approaches more in the e-book, but if brands can get customers to register the products they’re buying this holiday season, via mobile registration, they can use the Point of Registration to promote ratings and reviews directly after purchase. Then they can optimize those ratings and reviews using the platforms already in place.

Q: What if brands want to know more?

MP:  If you want to amplify your current system, leveraging your registration to increase ratings and reviews, and keep the holiday momentum going into the new year, feel free to reach out to me with any questions! Good luck during the holiday season!

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