In her keynote speech at the Data & Marketing Association (DMA) Roundtable in Philadelphia this week, Mary Rodgers, Director of Marketing Communications at Cuisinart, discussed how Cuisinart transformed their digital engagement strategy by leveraging data that illuminated both the friction points and the opportunities in the customer journey.

The company set out to accomplish three goals with its data-driven customer strategy:

  1. Do more than just listen, join the conversation. Becoming a core part of online cooking conversations is central to Cuisinart’s content marketing.  Using social listening tools, Mary pinpoints the most compelling culinary topics for content development and identifies new product concepts to test.
  2. Make the path to purchase more efficient. Cuisinart established an affiliate program with retail partners to guide site visitors who show interest in a specific product. It’s a win-win scenario for Cuisinart, their retailers, and their customers.
  3. Gain a new understanding of consumer preferences. Cuisinart now collects data from customers at the point of product registration.  During the online customer onboarding process, Cuisinart surveys their customers to understand their purchase patterns and preferences, and uses this data for channel management and strategic content development.

So what wisdom and guidance for marketers did Mary share from Cuisinart’s digital transformation?

  • Bite off pieces you can actually digest
  • Implement initiatives that will enhance consumers’ lives
  • Use tools that aid you in smarter marketing
  • Partner closely with your CIO in planning your digital roadmap