Data, data, data. It’s all about the data these days. But while organizations are drowning in data, most have no idea what to do with it. Marketing teams are especially under pressure to use customer data to better market to and engage with potential, current and former customers. But how do you do that – exactly?

At Registria, our goal is to help clients discover who their customers are and better connect with them. We do this in several ways, including our Marketing Services offering that help brands leverage the data they collect through product registration and other sources.

With this data, we help clients engage their customers through highly personalized and targeted campaigns. The big tool in our kit is IBM Marketing Cloud – but don’t think “hammer,” think “scalpel.” This amazing tool employs cognitive computing, specifically IBM Watson, to not only track customer data but also make sense out of it. As a result, brands can go beyond simple personalized email greetings (e.g., “Dear Tabitha,”) to a whole new level of personalization and relevance, not only in emails but also in their digital advertising.

Recently our team attended IBM Amplify (#IBMAmplify), where we got some hands-on time with the new features and functionality of IBM Marketing Cloud (now called Watson Campaign Automation).  The theme of this year’s event was “Refining Customer Engagement in the Cognitive Era.”

Cognitive computing is helping organizations better use the data they have by being able to analyze the data and make connections that humans might not see. So whether you’re a medical researcher or an appliance manufacturer, cognitive computing will help you make the most of the data you collect. One of the most amazing things I heard was from IBM’s Harriet Green, who said that at least 1 billion people will be touched in some way by Watson this year alone!

It was my first time at IBM Amplify, and it was quite the experience. In addition to the technical sessions and keynotes, one of the best parts was seeing comedian Wayne Brady make up a rap song on the spot about a “romantic web developer” – love that guy!

Seriously, it’s an exciting time to be in marketing. And the awesome new changes to IBM Marketing Cloud/Watson Campaign Automation are going to enable us to offer even better service to our clients.