DENVER, CO–(Marketwired – March 21, 2017) – Registria, a SaaS company that helps appliance, lifestyle and consumer electronics brands make a better connection to their customers, announced the launch of its Quick Start program, a customer onboarding system that helps manufacturers of small appliances quickly identify, engage and sell to their customers after a purchase.

Research has shown that the first 48 hours after a purchase is the best time for brands to initiate a positive interaction with their customers. In addition, 40 percent of buyers say that their post-purchase experience is the most memorable part of their overall brand experience. However, many brands that sell small appliances through retail outlets don’t have a system in place to immediately connect with their customers after a purchase.

“Companies tend to spend the majority of their budgets on acquiring new customers, even though their existing customers are likely to spend 33 percent more with their brand,” said Chris McDonald, CEO of Registria. “The Quick Start program is fast, inexpensive and easy to implement, and allows brands to engage customers sooner – creating a great brand experience and building them into loyal, repeat customers.”

Registria’s Quick Start program is customizable based on a manufacturer’s needs and can be set up and launched within 90 days. There are three main phases of the Quick Start program: Identify, Engage and Monetize.


The first phase of the program helps brands identify customers. Using Photoregister (SM), Registria’s mobile product registration solution, customers simply snap a photo of a registration icon located with their product on their mobile device, and then send it via text or other messaging app – such as Facebook Messenger – to register.

The icon can be easily integrated into the manufacturing process by placing it on product packaging, within the materials inside the box, or on the product itself. Companies that have implemented Photoregister have been able to identify up to five times more customers than with traditional registration methods.

After implementing Photoregister, Cuisinart doubled the number of product registrations it receives year-over-year, and gained valuable insights into customer demographics and purchase behaviors that guide its marketing programs.


Once consumers register their product, brands can use the Quick Start Engage program to onboard customers in a variety of ways. The system sends customers a confirmation and welcome email, which can include use and care instructions, tips and tricks, offers on complementary products, and instructions for contacting the company for service. Welcome emails have been shown to generate three times more revenue than standalone promotional emails.

Brands can use the Quick Start program to also set up a reviews program to leverage a customer’s excitement after their new purchase. Customers receive an email inviting them to review the product through an open syndication network, as well as a reminder and thank you email once a review is complete.

“Photoregister has not only made product registration extremely easy for us to implement and our customers to use, but it also provides a great halo effect for our brand, in that our customers have a great experience and recognize that weBoost is engaging with them in an innovative way that is the right fit for our brand,” said Jamie Elgie, Chief Marketing Officer at Wilson Electronics, makers of weBoost, a provider of cell phone signal boosters for homes and offices. weBoost found that by connecting directly with its customers via mobile registration, it can encourage more product reviews, which triples the conversion rate of buyers.


The Quick Start program also gives brands the option to implement an e-store to sell additional products and accessories, as well as direct service plan sales. Brands using Photoregister to provide instant access to warranty sales have seen attach rates of more than eight percent.

Michele Bonaldes Lupton, director of marketing and communications at Groupe SEB – which manufactures brands such as All-Clad, T-Fal, Krupps and more – says, “We were able to find our most valuable customers and engage them with a VIP program, generating significant net new revenue. We have shifted how we think about customer onboarding – from a ‘nice to have’ to a ‘must have.'”

Registria’s Quick Start program is available immediately for manufacturers of small appliances. For more information on the Quick Start program, visit or email