Because a large part of my role is networking, it goes without saying that I’ve been to a conference or two (hundreds probably). Few are able to provide as much value as The Connected Marketer Summit, which took place just over a week ago in San Francisco. Hosted by The Connected Marketer Institute, it was two days of great networking opportunities and ample thought leadership content. Every single speaker discussed a very timely element of marketing to today’s connected consumer.

First, I was honored to have the opportunity to participate in a “cameo appearance” on Day 1 of the conference, which was a quick workshop-like session where I shared the success our client, ICON Health & Fitness and how they are implementing Photoregister. But the in-depth discussion really began on Day 2.

On Day 2, Kei Shimada, Director of Business Development and Innovation at Dentsu, the global ad agency based in Japan – spoke about the idea of tapping into brain wave technology to do a variety of things both inventive – such as possibly enabling people who have had a stroke to communicate – and practical, like a device that automatically plays music that fits your mood.

Tom Daly, Principal at Relevant Ventures, LLC, spoke about the concept of ubiquitousness when it comes to brand content based on his experience in global marketing at Coca-Cola. He pointed out that most consumers would recognize a coke bottle in the dark, or if it were shattered on the ground; but how do you make the brand that recognizable when it comes to content? It was a question left undefined, but one that really got everyone thinking.

And on a more tangible subject, Mary Rodgers, Director of Marketing Communications at Cuisinart talked about how the company sees the value of communicating with the connected consumer across platforms and channels. She talked about how Cuisinart is working to engage customers at the point of registration using Photoregister, and that it’s seen internally as almost a handshake deal with the customer – with the brand and the customer both saying, “We’re both in this relationship now. I’ll do right by you if you do right by me.”

In all, we spent two very busy days in San Francisco talking with representatives from brands who understand the need to shift their strategy and find new ways to reach consumers where they are, and in a way that’s convenient for them. We’re looking forward to continuing those conversations and finding new ways to help brands connect with the people who buy their products.