After Day 1 ended with a bang with Sting and the Canon reception benefiting Missing Kids, our team entered Day 2 with as much excitement as Day 1. We connected with Cuisinart – who experienced great results after replacing QR codes with Photoregister – and saw Whirlpool, another client, win six CES awards for innovation!

Virtual reality headsets were the hottest product that we’ve seen so far at CES. Combined with next-gen TVs, anyone can enjoy a truly immersive experience. Our own Ben Lockett used the Royole headset to fulfill his NASCAR dream.

Voice recognition was embedded in hardware almost everywhere at CES. For a company without a CES exhibit, Amazon’s presence could be felt with Alexa’s voice recognition capabilities integrated in LG’s smart fridges, Ford’s Sync in car platform, and Lenovo’s Smart Assistant for speakers.

We saw the future with a visit to the exhibit of another client, Sony. Sony’s Future Labs – a program Sony launched to co-create products with actual users – showcased cutting-edge prototypes of products we use every day – like Project N, a futuristic concept headphone worn on your neck or wrist with its own virtual assistant, Nigel. Ending our day, Sony earned another “whoa” from our team when we saw 144 LED snapped together to create a 32 feet by 9 feet display.