With expectations high, the first full day of CES 2017 certainly did not disappoint. The technologies being developed to make our lives easier and safer are truly amazing.

Probably the biggest topic at CES that we’ve seen is the advent of the self-driving car. As smart technologies become even smarter, the reality of this Jetsons-era dream is closer than ever. Intel has some stunning videos and interactive exhibits showcasing the technology behind smart cars.

3-D printing continues to evolve and improve as well. As the technology becomes even more accessible and mainstream, Canon showed us a 360 degree image capture center that takes photos of people that can be printed into mini-me figures.

Polaroid also showed us some cool new camera technology – from image-capturing drones to home security cameras.

Finally, my personal favorite of all the displays we saw on day 1 was the LG robotics display, which included a prototype of a robot that can mow your lawn. Like a Roomba for your grass. Which means I can relax on the porch while the robot does all the work. Sign me up!