Our team is again blogging live from the 2017 Consumer Electronics Show. Over the next 4 days, we will share innovative consumer tech trends shaping the future, how it fits into our product roadmap, and visit with many of our exhibiting clients.

In its 50th year, CES promises to be the biggest and best in its history. It is the launch pad for this year’s smartest and most immersive consumer tech and topics such as global cyber security, data privacy, and AI and robotics that signal what’s top of mind for everyone in tech today.

Over the past year, we have evolved Photoregister – our mobile product registration solution – along these same themes. In 2016, we:

Introduced our chat bot on Facebook Messenger enabling Photoregister to deliver an interactive experience that works globally.

Added features to Photoregister to evolve the user experience from registration to a more complete customer onboarding solution enabling brands to offer support, extended service plans, and cross-sell accessories.

Migrated our infrastructure to Amazon Web Services providing you the latest in security and scalability and enabling us to initiate service globally, including launching in Asia Pacific with messaging applications preferred by consumers in those regions.

We are humbled to have the world’s leading product brands adopt the services we have purpose-built to enable you to connect with your owners. Offered as a registration method on 70 percent of the major appliances sold in the U.S., Photoregister is now the industry standard. More consumers will register by texting a photo of the camera icon on their product or packaging than any other method of registering.

We couldn’t have accomplished these results without our clients and their continued partnership. Going into 2017, we expect to do even more for our clients.

What to expect from Registria in 2017

First, continued global focus on leveraging apps that people use the most. Text-to-register, proven in the U.S., was just the first step in the Photoregister roadmap in 2015 followed by message-to-register on Facebook in 2016. Photoregister for Line and WeChat, two other global leading messaging applications, will roll out in early 2017 to support brands in the Asia Pacific and European regions.

Second, integrate more tech-forward features into our solutions. In 2017, we plan to integrate more AI features to help register products, onboard new customers, and enhance the ownership experience. We continue to evolve our online and paper solutions with advances in web-apps, smart-forms and scanning technology.

Third, expand revenue generation solutions for our clients. In 2016, we have helped brands generate $15 – $50 per buyer in aftermarket revenue by selling accessories, consumables, and service plans at the point of registration. Point of registration offers are high impact offers, provided during customer onboarding when buyers are most excited about their purchase. Expect to see more revenue solutions in 2017 – such as turnkey service plan solutions and e-stores.

We are focused on developing the technology capabilities that enable you to expand your brand and your business. Our vantage point of identifying and sharing which solutions work across brands, combined with the most compelling tech trends we see here at CES, feeds our product roadmap. As always, your input is a core part of this development as well. I look forward to collaborating with you in 2017 and continuing our dialogue to provide you with the most relevant marketing technology and services purpose built for product companies.