With sales for the 2016 holiday season already surpassing last year’s numbers, we can be sure that millions of people across the country will be receiving new gadgets, appliances, and other gifts in the next few weeks.

For consumer brands, this is great news – more customers! – but it presents a challenge: how can they identify these new owners who did not actually purchase the product? And how do they ensure a good experience and relationship with someone who is possibly unfamiliar with the product?

Developing a process to onboard new customers is critical. It not only helps ensure customers have a good experience with your brand and product, which in turn builds loyalty, but it can also help increase revenue. There are three important facets to a successful customer onboarding program, and all can ultimately help build a brand’s bottom line. And the best part? They can all be done right through a consumers’ mobile device.

  1. Welcome Buyers
    When a customer opens your product for the first time, brands should aim to capitalize on that initial excitement and create the best possible first impression. Provide a way for customers to engage with the product by providing a warm welcome message, setup instructions, informational tips and trouble shooting, and finally a way to provide feedback or ask for help. This will ensure a positive experience and build loyalty among customers. And we all know that happy and loyal customers are repeat customers.
  2. Promote Complementary Products
    In addition to building goodwill, brands have an opportunity to drive additional revenue from these new customers. During the welcome process, recommend accessories, complementary products or extended service contracts to accompany your customer’s new gift. With a mobile customer onboarding solution, like Photoregister, customers can easily navigate to online storefronts to take advantage of offers and make additional purchases.
  3. Capture Buyer Reviews
    According to a study from Power Reviews, 86 percent of consumers say reviews are an essential resource for making purchasing decisions, and are twice as likely to purchase a product after reading reviews. Reviews are the digital consumer’s “word-of-mouth” referral, which is a critically important for today’s brands. Give customers an opportunity to immediately review their new product and make it easy for them to submit images and videos directly through a mobile onboarding process.

These three facets all work together to build brand affinity and increase revenue by capitalizing on the excitement of a new purchase. And it can all be done easily, quickly and seamlessly through the mobile devices that consumers already use every day.

It’s the best gift brands can give themselves this holiday season.