It’s no surprise that smartphone ownership and usage continue to rise around the world, especially in developing countries where ownership has grown from 21 percent in 2013 to 37 percent in 2015. With this growth, consumer habits are changing just as quickly.

With consumers around the globe having access to fast—sometimes instant—information and communications at their fingertips, brands have a unique opportunity to adapt and use innovative tools to capitalize on consumers’ habits.

When it comes to customer onboarding, brands are beginning to realize the importance of making the best first impression right out of the box. People no longer want an analog experience. They are used to smart devices, and they want the ability to manage tasks with their mobile device. In fact, more than 49 percent of people would rather contact a business through messaging instead of speak to a live human via phone.

In the U.S., SMS is the most common way to send messages, but around the globe, easy to use social messaging apps like Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp and WeChat are more popular and becoming a global standard for communication. Research shows that more than 4 billion people have installed at least one messaging app on their smartphone and they are using them more frequently than traditional text messaging, meaning they have become accustomed to quick, if not instant responses. They also don’t waste time on communications that are not custom, helpful or meaningful.

All of these shifting habits and preferences present an opportunity for brands to engage customers in an innovative, digital way that makes a meaningful connection, builds loyalty and drives revenue.

Innovative Connections with Technology:

Advances in the development of chatbots and Artificial Intelligence (AI) can now give brands an effective way to automatically engage with and assist customers with onboarding activities like registration, support and service, as well as promote loyalty and cross-selling opportunities. Using a chatbot, our new Facebook Messenger feature for Photoregister takes advantage of these advancements and enables customers to register their products by snapping a photo of the Photoregister label and sending it via the messaging app. This gives brands the ability to instantly interact with consumers around the world – no matter their mobile carrier or device.

AI technology can also add value by tailoring communications – using machine learning and natural language processing, our Facebook Messenger feature has made Photoregister context-aware and provides an always-on, intelligent interface layer with customers.

Photoregister for Facebook Messenger is our latest advancement focused on using social messaging for customer onboarding, service and interaction that can help brands connect with customers and grow their loyalty. We are working on new solutions to help brands reach global consumers and meet their expectations of connection, response and meaningful interaction and will be excited to share those with you soon.

Contact us to see how Photoregister for Facebook Messenger can build better connections with your customers.