After being named the best Digital/Mobile Platform in the 2015 DMA Innovation Awards, Registria was asked to present a preview of our inaugural 2016 State of the Industry Trends Report at a webinar hosted by the Direct Marketing Association on March 31, from 2-3PM EDT.

During the webinar, Alison Parr, SVP of Consumer Durables, and Chris Howley, Senior Manager of Analytics, will present key findings and market trends related to customer identification through product registration from data we’ve collected over the course of five years for more than 100 brands.

Product registration becomes a strategic priority for brands that think of it as the first touch with new owners. The introduction of mobile as a product registration channel has evolved into a digital engagement strategy for brands. Not only can they leverage this digital engagement across the organization, but also increase engagement through pre- and post-sale interaction, warranty and service offerings, and loyalty programs.

We’ll be sharing key findings from the report, which will be released in full in mid-April. Attending the webinar is the best way to get a sneak preview! Register for the webinar here.

Coming Soon

In the next few weeks, we’ll also be announcing some new features for Photoregister that will help brands connect with customers around the globe. Mobile engagement on a global scale can prove to be a challenge for brands, simply due to the variance in international mobile carrier requirements, accessibility and fees. New global-ready features will make the registration and mobile engagement process easier for consumers, no matter their carrier or device type.

Look for an announcement here in the coming weeks.