With the housing market is on an upward trend in 2016, home product manufacturers are determining the best marketing methods and technologies to reach more buyers. At January’s Kitchen and Bath Industry Show, many of these manufacturers indicated that they are very focused on marketing to showcase their new products. However, in talking to these companies about Photoregister, many were surprised to learn that the collaboration between marketing and mobile technology could enrich the ownership process for their existing customers, as well as help increase post-purchase revenue.

One successful example of this marketing and technology collaboration was featured recently in Direct Marketing News with senior executives from Conair Corporation and Cuisinart. Cuisinart piloted Registria’s Photoregister solution in 2015 and found it to be a compelling tool to help them update and access demographic data and purchasing behaviors. The company plans to fully employ Photoregister in 2016 as well as integrate its product registration system with Conair’s corporate CRM solution to better educate call center agents on their customers and ultimately “improve our source of lifetime value to the consumer,” according to John Harding, CIO at Conair.

At Registria, we’re also undergoing a remodel that will provide our clients with even deeper insights and help them more effectively engage with their customers.

We plan to unveil our new features early spring—which include social messaging, web apps, and our new Buyer Insights analytical tool. We would be happy to run through a demo of these new features today.