We recently caught up with Corey Moles, Senior Marketing Manager of SWASH by Whirlpool, to talk about how the Photoregister solution has helped the company identify the buyers of this new, innovative product.

Using Photoregister, SWASH has seen registrations of 2.5 times more than with other Whirlpool brands. With 95 percent of their customers registering digitally, Photoregister is a simple, innovative way for customers to register these products.

Corey tells us that the biggest benefit to the brand is knowing exactly who is buying the product. “You think you know who will buy a new product like this, but you never really know for sure,” he said. Photoregister helps SWASH understand who their customer is, and gives them insights that will help them provide better service.

Check out the video to hear more about what Corey has to say about implementing Photoregister with SWASH, which he says was a “no brainer.”