We are blogging live from the floor of the Consumer Electronics Show—the world’s premier product innovation lovefest—where this year the world’s leading consumer technology brands are showcasing self-driving cars, mind blowing virtual reality, everything you could possibly want in a smart home right down to connected eating utensils, and my favorite, the most incredible high definition pictures ever displayed.

Our Registria team visits CES every year to help focus our R&D efforts and share what innovations you can expect to see from us this year. A year ago, we announced Photoregister℠ successfully completed beta and was commercially available. We are humbled to share 30 brands have signed on already to start their customer’s journey by texting a photo to register their product. We saw some amazing results in 2015, including:

• A 3 to 5x increase in registration rates
• Consumer registration behavior shift almost exclusively to digital channels—mobile and
online—when Photoregister is offered
• Dramatic gains in the accuracy of customer and product data that is collected
• Higher levels of customer engagement extended over a longer period of time
• The relegation of QR codes for registration to the scrap pile

As great as the first year of results have been, you have asked us to do more. I am thrilled to share that is exactly what we are going to do.

What to expect from Registria in 2016:

First, Photoregister will expand from a North American solution to a Global solution. You asked us to support a mobile and photo-driven registration process wherever you ship a product in the world and, we will.

Second, Photoregister will soon operate with social and mobile messaging applications. Tweet, Text, Post, or Direct Message @photoregister to register your product – what will social registration and customer engagement capabilities mean to your customer’s journey?

Third, you showed us how valuable Photoregister can be in converting sales at Retail. Brick and mortar consumers considering your product will be able to text the Photoregister camera icon located on the outside of the package to get information on what is on the inside of the package including videos, ratings and reviews, product details and specifications – all the things you wish a retail sales associate, if you could find one, could tell you.

Fourth, all Photoregister data will be completely open and accessible to you for ad-hoc analysis, reporting, and modeling. Our Tableau-based Buyer Insight Portal will instantly gives you insight into who is buying your product. Marketers, Support, Product Development, Advertising Agencies, Media Planners, the C-Suite all have questions. Now they will all have answers.

Last, we are pleased to share that our entire cloud-based SaaS infrastructure is live on Amazon Web Services. We are able to manage a global deployment region by region such that Services are compliant with evolving local and regional data privacy and security requirements, highly scalable, and the meet the highest standards for back up and recovery. Your customer data has never been safer.

Our focus is to bring you the specific capabilities required to thrive in a rapidly changing market defined by perpetual innovation and escalating requirements to not only deliver world class products but a world class customer experience. Your feedback is a gift we value greatly. I look forward to seeing you in 2016 and continuing our remarkable collaboration in proving you the very best marketing technology and services purpose built for product companies.

Chris McDonald,
CEO | Registria