We’ve just gotten past Black Friday and Cyber Monday, which means the holiday shopping season is in full swing. Anne McNamara, host of news program The NOW, recently came by our office to talk to our Senior Vice President, Alison Parr, about how Photoregister is helping both consumers and brands during this busy shopping time.

According to a study released by Adobe, the most popular items purchased on Thanksgiving and Black Friday were consumer electronics—from mobile devices, to televisions, to gaming systems. Because these items are usually purchased through retailers and (presumably) being given as gifts, brands rarely know exactly who their customers are unless the owner sends in a product registration form.

For these consumer electronics, which are frequently upgraded and replaced, brands that don’t know their customers may be missing the opportunity to engage post-purchase and drive loyalty if they don’t have a fast, easy way for people to register their products. And, in the event of a safety recall, accurate consumer information is important as well—for both brands and consumers.

Enter Photoregister. As Alison told Anne, we’re all mobile now, and Photoregister provides a simple way for consumers to register products in a matter of seconds, and ensures that brands—from LG to ProForm to juvenile product manufacturers—know their customers. And, backed by the power of Amazon Web Services and compliant with the DSS 3.1 Standard as a Level 1 Service Provider, customer data collected by Photoregister is always secure.

Watch the report here: