In the business of product registration and customer relationship management, the right data security systems are critical in order to keep the customer data being collected safe and secure. In our never ending desire to offer even greater levels of scalability and security, Registria is excited to announce that as of November 20th we will be hosting all of our SaaS services on Amazon Web Services (AWS).

AWS is recognized within the industry as one of the premier platform service providers – in fact, a recent Forrester report lists AWS as the leader among cloud providers due to its ability to instantly scale on demand and it’s broad set of security capabilities and certifications.1 AWS not only builds and delivers its services in accordance with the industry’s most stringent security practices, but it also conducts regular audits to test and confirm the security and resiliency of its infrastructure.

Given the platform’s accolades, its 99.5% guaranteed uptime, and its 17+ years of experience in keeping sensitive data backed up and secure, AWS was a clear choice for Registria to make this move in order to benefit our customers.

Other advantages of migrating to AWS include:

    1. Elasticity and scalability – The AWS infrastructure will allow us to ensure performance as well as quickly add and remove resources to applications based on customer demand and cost requirements.
    2. Global capability – Many of our customers are looking to expand their rollout of Registria’s solutions on a global scale based on the success of their program in the U.S. As we plan for a deployment of Photoregister to global markets early next year, the AWS platform will offer an easy way for our customers to integrate with third party messaging platforms to further improve and simplify their global rollout programs.
    3. Ability to integrate with third-party analytics – With AWS, we will be able to provide our customers a solution that allows them to easily integrate with analytics solutions that can help them better understand their consumers, and ultimately make better strategic decisions around product development, customer service, sales and marketing.
    4. The IoT and Big Data are only getting bigger – By migrating to the AWS platform, we are setting up the ability for our customers to further integrate with and consume the multitude of data being sent to the cloud from connected devices and other services. Again, this capability will help companies better engage with the customers they serve.

We are excited about this shift and the opportunities and advantages it brings to our customers. Among the many benefits of working with a SaaS provider like Registria is that these benefits come at no additional cost to you.

In order to conduct this migration, there will be a maintenance window of 6 hours on November 20th beginning at 8 pm (PT).

Registria’s staging and development environments are already running on AWS with no hiccups in transition. Moving the production environment is the final step and follows the same process we have already used in transitioning the other services.

There will be no change in end-user experience. All existing URLs will be automatically redirected to the new environment. Other than the maintenance window, we expect that this change will be transparent to our customers. The only exception are clients that have set their DNS server to point to the Registria platform using a specific IP address, who will be contacted by our IT team and provided with clear and simple instructions on the quick change that needs to be made to the existing DNS setting.

If you have any questions around this exciting change, please contact your Client Success Manager.

Thank You,


Harry Chiu Vipin Hegde
COO | Registria SVP, Engineering | Registria