You’ve got questions about Photoregister. We’ve got answers.

Posted by Chris McDonald

Our new mobile registration service, Photoregister, is creating quite a buzz in its innovative ability to register products with the snap of a photo.

Two innovation awards and great results intrigued a lot of people, and left you wanting to know more. By popular request, we put together an FAQ answering the top 5 questions product companies like yours are asking us right now, including:

1. What are the actual product registration rates brands using Photoregister are achieving?

Brands that offer Photoregister to their buyers on the product packaging or a registration card see an increase in registration of approximately 3x over their current rate.

By giving buyers the option to text a photo of a Photoregister label located on the product itself, brands have increased registration rates by 4 to 5x – approximately 40% of their buyers.

By making registration visible on the product and packaging, valuable to the buyer, and easy to use, brands are connecting with more of their new buyers than most thought possible.

2. What is the difference between Photoregister and QR Codes?

100% of smartphone owners can use Photoregister, not just the 15% who have downloaded an App that will scan a QR code. Photoregister also immediately identifies your buyer’s mobile phone number and/or email address where as a QR code only redirects them to a web page where your customer needs to key in that information. By recognizing your buyers, using geo-location services and processing product information from the photo, Photoregister makes registration easy, instant, and accurate for absolutely everyone.

3. How easy is Photoregister to implement at the factory?

Most brands recognize Photoregister works best when the signature Photoregister camera icon containing a registration code goes directly on the product, in the literature package, or on the registration card. If you are worried about coordinating with your factory and adding time, cost or complexity – you can stop worrying. We have created two easy implementation methods that are working well.

    • On Demand: We will supply you with the algorithm that creates a Photoregister code enabling you to embed it directly into your existing software and manufacturing process. Brands create a Photoregister code concurrent with a model and serial number and carry that downstream through their manufacturing process – applying it on product, variably printing it on labels, packaging, or registration cards. Registria simply consumes that data through our API so every product is ready to be registered from a photo from the moment it is built.


    • Pre-Fabrication: Some brands prefer to have the Photoregister artwork and registration codes created prior to product fabrication and apply them during the product’s assembly. Registria will help you pre-produce materials, effectively making them another part to be scanned and applied to the final product during assembly on the factory floor. Once all the components are scanned to create a finished product and a master package label is printed, Registria simply consumes that data through our API so every product is ready to be registered from a photo the moment it is built.


4. Is Photoregister a global solution or is it only available in North America?

Photoregister is a global solution with localizations available for variances in the communications infrastructure for different regions and mobile phone carriers around the world.

In the USA and Canada, the standard set-up for Photoregister enables consumers to text or email a photo to register their product.

In other geographies, the standard set-up enables consumers to email their photo to register their product. SMS and MMS are available based on the capabilities of mobile carriers in each region.

5. How much does Photoregister cost?

We offer four different Photoregister packages depending on the sophistication you require. Our starter package provides for simple customer sign-up from a mobile phone where as our Advanced and Enterprise packages enable global brands to offer a sophisticated registration process that recognizes your buyers, pre-populates customer and product information, and integrates data directly into existing CRM, ERP, eCommerce, and other system investments. You have unlimited license to create millions of unique registration codes that are all text enabled and link back to each products serial number, when it was made, and where. Photoregister codes work like an SMS keyword yet cost fractions of a penny unlike the going rates of a single dedicated keyword. In all cases, the average cost per registration is typically below existing spending on paper registration card processing, list rental, and other services brands you to connect with and learn about their buyers.

Thinking about what Photoregister might do for your brand?

Email us to set up a consultation with our Client Success Team. We’ll be happy to show you why Photoregister is fastest way for consumers to register products, access support, and get information direct from the brands they buy.