Registria is a company built for those who build: the brands who create the world’s most loved products. So as the authority on all things around product registration and maximizing the ownership experience, it’s only natural that we’ve built an innovative and experienced team to match. Today, we are thrilled to introduce the newest member of our board, Collin Cohen, and announce the recent promotion of Alison Parr to Senior VP of Consumer Durables and Electronics.

Now that we have grown to represent more than 100 world-class brands, we crave the kind of minds that can support our mission to lead. Case in point: Collin Cohen. Our team sought out Collin based on his unique and widely varied skillset. This seasoned pro brings skills in operational leadership, strategy development and executing and managing businesses through phases of growth among other areas. His enterprise software experience also piqued our interest because today’s Registria goes far beyond data management and registration cards. We solve big-company IT needs at a mid-market price point, and Collin’s experience is helping us scale to support the next level of buyer and brand connections.

The Software Side of Registria:

  • We leverage technology to continuously change the game with groundbreaking services like Photoregister.
  • We provide the capabilities and trusted expertise to maximize the ownership experience for the buyers of your products.
  • We help you identify more of your buyers while gaining insights into their behavior to enable you to foster loyalty, grow sales and reduce support costs.

In the spirit of supporting product companies with a team that’s custom-built for their needs, Alison Parr will now be taking on a larger, more specialized role at Registria. Formerly VP of Business Development, Alison is now dedicated to consumer durables and electronics, two industry segments where she has more than twenty years of invaluable experience. As Senior VP of this category, Alison now leads a growing team of specialized experts, all of whom we have hand-selected for the benefit of our customers.

As a company that continues to evolve and represents many of world’s most loved brands, we are excited about our future. Our strength is in our people. As we continue to focus and invest in our mission of connecting brands to the people who buy them, we couldn’t be prouder to have built a team that is as smart and progressive as the technology it supports.