A few months back we introduced the concept of a product registration “ecosystem”. As a refresher, the ecosystem approach to product registration suggests that manufacturers who are interested in improving product registration performance should focus on the entire range of consumer interactions surrounding the registration process, not just the registration forms themselves. The ecosystem includes:

  • The out-of-box experience (also known as the OOBE) – what consumers experience when they initially engage with the product;
  • The paper registration form;
  • The online registration user experience; and
  • Post purchase touchpoints that represent opportunities to capture additional registration information.

Improving the out-of-box experience is a major challenge for many manufacturers, since packaging changes tend to be complex and difficult to implement. Which is one reason I’m always so impressed when I come across a really impressive example of using packaging materials to promote product registration, like this one from a vacuum cleaner I purchased recently:

The key here is visibility – the registration card may be buried inside the owner’s manual or floating somewhere in the bottom of the box, but consumers are unlikely to miss this message. The potential impact is substantial, and the incremental cost (at least once you get through the initial implementation process) is negligible.